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Sometimes the accomplice maid or girlfriend is “tied-up” and reports the crime to neighbors or police when she gets free.I have read of many of foreigners murdered in this way. We have friends whose house was broken into the very first night they stayed there. Break-ins are very common in their open subdivision in Iloilo.If you leave something out at night, it might well be gone in the morning. Some foreigners feel it’s distasteful and/or unnecessary to live in a walled compound. Every Filipino who can afford it lives behind walls and gates.

We don’t feel such anecdotal tidbits really prove anything.Here are a few observations which might be of help to anticipate problems. They are let in, either knowingly by the foreigner or by one of the other parties mentioned, or they take advantage of security vulnerabilities they have observed or learned of.The foreigner is killed because he resists or because the robber is known to him and he does not want to be caught.If you’re prosperous you’ll have a concrete wall and iron grates on your windows If you’re poor you’ll have a bamboo fence and gate, bamboo grates on your windows.All have a four-legged alarm system — if poor, a mutt, if richer a Doberman.

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